These are a list of special services offered by The Beauty Menagerie and our elite team of wig artisans.

4×4 Closure units ($600 – $)1050

These glueless units come with a 4×4 inch section of lace in the center to switch up the partings. The cap is equipped with an adjustable feature and elastic band.  If you love the appeal of a lace front but want to deal with less lace, then this type of build is for you.

Lace Front units ($800 – $1250)

This glueless unit comes with a 13×4 section of lace for those that love the aesthetic of a full hairline and convenience of free parting. The cap is equipped with an adjustable feature and elastic band. If you love to switch up your parting, then this unit is for you.

Full Lace Wigs ($3000 – $5000)

These Fully customized units are completely hand tied and give optimal opportunities for styling. 

If you are looking for the most natural looking unit or would like to use donated hair, this build is for you.

Large All Lace toppers ($1000 – $2500)

These 8×10 lace units have the most natural look. With our easily blend-able transparent lace and our immaculate wig artisans, these toppers are the best quality. These units can be parted throughout and are lightly lined with silicon around the perimeter. Those that have hair loss from the widows peak to the crown of the head would benefit from this build.

Small lace/wefted toppers ($550 – 1200)

These toppers have a 4×4 lace center with additional wefts attached to the base. The base of this unit is also equipped with toupee clips to insure a slip-free application. Those who are looking for more fullness at the top of the head would benefit from this build